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The Musicians’ Census 2023

Musicians' Census findings - "45% of musicians from the Global Majority reported experiencing racism whilst working as a musician"

The Musicians’ Census is a joint project by the Musicians’ Union and Help Musicians, and this second insight report was written in partnership with Black Lives in Music.

The largest inquiry of its kind, the Musicians Census for 2023 paints a worrying picture of the landscape of mental wellness for those navigating a career in the music industry. It covers the experiences of over 6,000 musicians across the UK and reveals economic challenges, stifled career progression, wage suppression and wide-sweeping discrimination.

The Global Majority Insight Report focuses on the reported experiences of musicians from the Global Majority and the challenges they face, as they navigate a career in the industry. Its findings make a powerful case for partners across the music industry to invest in and support musicians from the Global Majority, and to work together to tackle the racism and discrimination that is forcing some musicians out of the workforce and create a culture of genuine equity and inclusion.

Working together Help Musicians, Musicians’ Union and Black Lives in Music believe we can make the industry a fairer more equitable place for all musicians.

“The Musicians’ Census will help us plan how to best understand musicians and their needs today and in the years ahead, building a stronger, thriving, more inclusive industry.” – Help Musicians.

Read the full report here.

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