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Black Lives in Music and Music Masters announce fully funded places on Musicians of Change (PGCEi)  teacher training course 

Black Lives in Music and Music Masters, in collaboration with Birmingham City University’s School of Education and Social Work, are pleased to offer two fully funded places on the prestigious Musicians of Change teacher training course. This initiative recognizes the pressing need for a diverse and inclusive music teaching workforce to better serve children and young people across the UK.

Musicians of Change is more than just a course; it’s a supportive community fostering an innovative approach to music education. Participants are encouraged to lead the charge in challenging perceptions surrounding the decline of music in schools. This partnership aims to elevate the profession, providing specialised training in group and ensemble teaching while fostering a supportive network for educators to champion their work, celebrate successes, and drive positive change within their school environments.

Participants will have access to a distinguished team of practitioners, academics, and leaders, and upon completion, will receive an internationally recognized Level 7 qualification and teaching certificate. Applications and nominations for these fully funded positions are now open, offering an unparalleled opportunity to make a meaningful impact in music education. Join us in transforming the landscape of music education for the better. Apply now!

Katrina Damigos, Programme Director, Music Masters said: ‘’Training courses are  expensive and often conflict with other freelance work, and pressures on musicians are  mounting, with access to opportunities limited for many of those in underrepresented groups.  Music Masters is committed to transforming music education and tackling underrepresentation  in the music education workforce; we couldn’t be happier to be continuing our partnership with  Black Lives in Music.’’ 

Roger Wilson, Black Lives in Music said: We are strong advocates of partnership and  advocacy, they’re both key drivers of the important change that we all want to see. Black  Lives in Music is proud to be working in collaboration with Music Masters on this very  important and much needed programme. We’re helping today’s developing professionals to  access important resources of learning and professional expertise with the shared vision of a representative workforce.  

Sam Brown 2022-23 Graduate said:

Being on the PGCEi course was a real dream come true. I did not know that there was an  organisation like Music Masters and it has been wonderful meeting other teachers but most  importantly teachers that look like me. It is crucial to institutional development to have  teachers of different backgrounds, it’s important to demonstrate diversity in workspaces, so  people who look like me do not get boxed into only doing certain things, the only reason why  this happens is due to lack of access. It’s time for more rich and vibrant spaces, with so  many different kinds of people and all fantastic teaching styles that we can learn from. I want  to see more young black girls playing the violin, taking it up as a career and becoming  professionals, I want them to believe it is possible because it certainly is!

Music Masters is an award-winning charity which aims to empower young people  through music, supported by pro-active teachers, diverse role models and a truly  inclusive music sector. Our driving aim is to address at their root the most significant  issues that prevent a child from achieving to their greatest creative potential. As  such, we are the only music organisation in the country focused on long-term, high quality instrumental learning for all children and a commitment to building a diverse  music industry. Because excellence and inclusivity should not be mutually exclusive  ambitions for our children – not in the classroom and not in the workplace.

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