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Celebrating Diversity in Classical Music: Join Us for “Classically Black” at Kings Place

Join us on Saturday, 19th October at Kings Place in London for “Classically Black,” an extraordinary event celebrating Black and underrepresented musicians and composers. Produced by BLiM and sponsored by ABRSM, this event highlights the contributions of Black artists to classical music, past and present, and explores what classical music means today.

Why Attend “Classically Black”?
“Classically Black” challenges the traditional narrative of classical music, showcasing the rich history and ongoing impact of Black musicians. This event is part of the British Library’s exhibition Beyond the Bassline: 500 Years of Black British Music,” celebrating the vital role of Black artists in UK music.

Event Highlights
  • World Premieres: New works by British Black composers Pete Letanka and Jason Yarde, performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra.
  • Emerging Talent Showcase: Spotlight on rising stars, sponsored by Warner Classics.
  • Interactive Sessions: Networking, panel discussions, and music workshops.
  • Evening Performance: Ayanna Witter-Johnson presents “The Sound of Classically Black: Ayanna Witter-Johnson & Friends,” blending classical music with reggae, soul, and jazz.

Join the Movement
“Classically Black” is more than a concert—it’s a celebration of diversity and a push for greater representation in classical music. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative experience at Kings Place.

Mark your calendars and join us for “Classically Black” on 19th October. Let’s celebrate and support the incredible contributions of Black musicians to the classical music world. See you there!

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