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Partnership with Guild of Music Supervisors and Leland Music

Black Lives in Music partner with the Guild of Music Supervisors and Leland Music to develop pathway programmes to train Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse composers about sync supervision and how to get their music on film.

After partnering with Black Lives in Music this year, the GMS recently ran two invaluable anti-racism workshops for its members, led by BLiM Director of Operations, Roger Wilson. Roger has many years of experience on both sides of the stage as a musician, educator, tour manager and administrator, and runs BLiM alongside Chief Executive Charisse Beaumont.

Last month also saw the release of the first ever BLiM survey report, ‘Being Black In the Music Industry’, understanding the issues of diversity in the music industry. Roger kindly shared his time with us to reflect on the report findings and what it says about the music industry at large.


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