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Kings Place, London: 19 Oct, 2024
11:30am - 10:30pm

An Exploration of the Cutting Edge of Classical

Get ready to experience ‘Classically Black’, a full-day and night event that includes thought-provoking discussions, celebrations of the contributions of black classical musicians past and present, breath-taking music from celebrated Black British composers, and the opportunity to discover the classical stars of the future.

Share your experiences with us as part of this anonymous survey on bullying and harassment in the music industry detailing how it may have impacted you. Whether you’re a music executive. professional or maker we need a rich breadth of experiences from people of all backgrounds to inform the data.

We can’t change the past, but with your stories we can improve the future.

Complete the survey in full for your data to be counted.

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Our Mission

We are at the vanguard of the effort to combat racism, uniting organisations and musicians to create a truly inclusive and diverse music industry.

We use data and insights to campaign for equity and we support the empowerment of Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse musicians to realise their aspirations.

Evaluating the Impact of Racial Inequalities in Live Music

Celebrating Diversity in Classical Music: Join Us for “Classically Black” at Kings Place

Enyi Okpara joins the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra as Cavella Assistant Conductor

The Data

Being Black
in the UK
Music Industry

Earlier this year, Black Lives in Music commissioned a survey on the personal experience of Black music creators and industry professionals. The survey engaged with nearly 2,000 respondents. The subsequent report now published has produced key information and an insight into the experience of Black professionals in today’s music industry. 


(or lack of it)

100 %

There is no data or report that spotlights the Black Musicians’ experience such as economics, social interactions, education to talent pipeline and well being.

Organisations are rarely held to account concerning data insights and recommendations. To ensure these same organisations continue to receive funding there is a tick box, tokenistic mentality with the promotion of Black people from entry level to mid-management roles. There are almost no appointments in senior management roles.

Most surveys are not completed in a safe space or in anonymous fashion therefore people of colour rarely participate due to a lack of trust.

Our Solution

Supporting Change from Within

Black Lives in Music support the music community to act on and achieve diversity and inclusion objectives for a truly representative music industry.

Supporting organisations in the development of a balanced professional ensemble with people of colour

Recruitment of people of colour representing senior management/board level

Trusted DEI data capture

Mentoring programmes and support for the progression of Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse musicians into professional ensembles

Benefits and impact of our work

We offer support to...

Orchestras and professional Ensembles



Opera, Theatres, Venues, Festivals, Trade Bodies and more...

our Charter

To enable music organisations to reflect the nation’s diverse culture and to combat systemic racism in the music industry, we have created a 10-step digital charter which we expect all music organisations to agree to meet. Sign up to our charter now and join us by becoming a member of Black Lives in Music today.

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