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Calling all PPL members:

Black Lives in Music stand behind Jackie Davidson MBE as a candidate for the PPL Board. We kindly request your support so that she can continue to serve its valued members.

Jackie earned her seat as a Performer Director on the PPL Board in 2020 and has continually shown an incredible display of dedication towards championing diversity, performer rights, and mentorship. Her experience plays a crucial role in creating a fair, diverse, and transparent industry. We believe that it’s imperative that the PPL Board reflects its members. It’s time to vote to keep her there.

Jackie’s manifesto commits to:

  • Advocating for inclusion without boundaries
  • Addressing challenges within the evolving landscape
  • Defending performers’ rights and fair compensation
  • Prioritising education and mentorship for aspiring industry professionals
  • Among an array of other indispensable measures.

PPL members will have received an email from detailing the voting process. Receiving that email is the only way eligible performers/representatives can vote. Please check your Spam if you have not yet received this email.

Voting closes on Tuesday 14th November 2023.

Let’s rally support for Jackie and share this with any PPL members you may know.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


“Throughout my journey, I’ve faced numerous challenges and disparities, but I’ve always

maintained a resolute determination to work harder and advocate for change. It’s my firm

belief that the time has come for the organisations representing our industry to adopt a more

diverse and inclusive approach, and I am committed to driving this transformation.” – Jackie Davidson MBE

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